eKaizen Updates 2022 | Free Customized Demo


Catch up on eKaizen product updates of 2022 - and try them out!

From Tags to Rewards to a bunch of other new features and improvements, eKaizen has had a busy year. Check out the highlights of the latest features we shipped lately!

And we have a special gift for you: a personalized 30-day trial for free 🎁. Step into the new year with new inspiration!

Use tags to organize your projects

Tags will enable you to categorize your projects. Assign one or more tags to a kaizen and filter them in the overview any way you want. Different tag colors will help you navigate even easier than before. Searching by tags is? Granted. Tag your projects as Bestof2022 and get a head start for the next year! 

Improved kanban board - just the way you need it

The good old kanban board… but just so much better! Faster loading, a number of user customizations, extended search options and other improvements make your work with the kanban board a thing of beauty. One place to see the most important information about your kaizens and projects and their stages.

Tip: Did you know that a number of eKaizen customers use our kanban board during gemba meetings? 

Manage employee rewards from A to Z

This brand new module will make your work a bliss. Assign rewards to your best kaizens based on how your organization does it, be it fixed amounts, percentages, gift, vouchers, credits and alike. Reward individuals or teams and use the list of rewards in dashboards and reports. Hand over the reward exports to anyone you’d like.

eKaizen is YOUR platform

We may not speak your language but eKaizen does. Now eKaizen speaks more than 10 languages, the last one added was Mandarin. And we are not finished, many new languages will be added in 2023. 

Did you know that enterprise customers can have their custom language imported to eKaizen? Your terminology, your process… eKaizen will speak your corporate language.

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