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Capture, implement and share improvement ideas across your organisation

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Ideas push companies forward. Employees often have great ideas - but they don't tell anyone. And that's a pity. Engage them in the success of your business with eKaizen!

Higher employee satisfaction

When you listen to your employees and show that their ideas matter, they feel appreciated and more involved. This has a positive impact on company culture and it also helps increase employee retention.

Faster workflow, less waste

Your employees know best where resources are wasted and what needs to be made better! The right ideas will help you eliminate unproductive tasks, streamline your business processes and improve the working environment.

Significant savings

Even small changes can bring great results. Speed up your processes, reduce waste, increase your workplace safety and get a quick return on investment. Share and replicate successful projects with other departments and branches!


Your people know best

A top-down approach to continuous improvement doesn't often bring desired results - simply because your employees may not see the improvements as needed or relevant.

It's your people that create value. They know best what needs to be improved. Give them an opportunity to be heard. Give them eKaizen, a smart kaizen software platform!

“The message of the Kaizen strategy is that not a day should go by without some kind of improvement being made somewhere in the company.“​​

Masaaki Imai, management consultant & pioneer of the Kaizen philosophy ​​

From ideas to success stories

Use kaizen software to cover and track the entire improvement process from the submission of the idea to its implementation and evaluation.

Idea submission

Submitting a new idea is easy thanks to a user-friendly interface. Pictures, audio or video can be attached to each idea.


Green-light ideas that will bring desired benefits. Use a cost-benefit calculator and assess each improvement suggestion quickly and easily.

Project management

The app provides project management tools such as kanban boards and action plans. You can decide if you want to follow the DMAIC or PDCA methodology.


eKaizen provides you with various dashboards relevant to a number of stakeholders such as Continuous Improvement managers, Procurement, Quality & HR managers.

Sharing success stories

Every step you take within the kaizen implementation is recorded on the Kaizen Storyboard. This way you can share best practices with other departments or locations easily!

Building a better business

By focusing on continuous improvement and making all people in your company part of it, you are building a better future together.


Engage everyone in continuous improvement!

eKaizen offers a lot of features that remove barriers preventing people from engaging in CI. From idea submission to its evaluation (including cost/benefit calculations), implementation and sharing success stories. Neat, easily customizable dashboards show the most important KPIs and savings.

More than software

eKaizen is not just a software tool. It helps you completely transform your company culture.
It is a platform that gives voice to every single person in your company. Encourage your employees to create their own success stories and share them with their colleagues. Let them become the source of inspiration and motivation for each other.

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