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eKaizen: Improvement & innovation management software for smart companies

Learn how to give your employees a voice with eKaizen!


Higher employee engagement, better business

The best improvement & innovation ideas often come from people who are part of a process and know well what works, what doesn't and what should be made better. If the employees don't feel their ideas matter, they will eventually stop sharing them and become disengaged and indifferent. With eKaizen, no idea gets lost or is forgotten.
manage the continuous improvement process efficiently
boost employee engagement and satisfaction
reduce waste, improve processes and save time and money

CI & innovation management software platform

The eKaizen platform guides you through the entire improvement process from idea submission to its implementation and sharing success stories. But it's not just software. eKaizen gives voice to your employees - and helps you transform your company culture.

eKaizen is a tool that anyone in the company can benefit from: CI managers, cross-functional project teams, employees from all departments as well as company executives.

Smooth idea submission

Submitting an idea into the system is really easy - anyone can do it. You can also add photos, audio or video recordings to your description. After submitting an improvement idea, a unique QR code is generated which you can use to track the current status and stay up-to-date.

seamless idea submission (customizable content of the form)

access via any platform (desktop, tablet, phone) via web browser – no need to install client or app

specialized submission interfaces to be integrated to gemba boards and shared devices

multimedia support (photos, videos, voice memos)

employee identification (email, phone number, employee ID, possible integration with HR systems)

Idea evaluation

How do you know if an idea is worth implementing? Calculate the ROI and see if it will bring desired benefits. Make data-driven decisions!

ROI calculator to assess cost and benefits

realtime calculation and prediction of savings

expected vs. real savings

non-financial benefits

innovation management software
kaizen software

Manage CI & innovation projects

Keep track of all ideas on a smart kanban board. Manage fresh ideas, ongoing, completed or postponed projects. Use eKaizen from project kick-off to a successful go-live.

action plan & responsibility matrix

Kaizen kanban board (DMAIC or PDCA flow support)

notes and message board

Would you like to learn more about managing CI & innovation projects?

Team coordination

eKaizen allows you to collaborate on improvement projects easily. Create action plans, add team responsibilities and notify coworkers of their tasks. Use a message board to exchange important notes and comments.

realtime notifications about important updates to the kaizen owner

regular notification about kaizen progress and decision made

due date alarms

online access to the realtime kaizen storyboard

notification of incoming ideas to the responsible improvement manager

responsibility matrix; auto-assignment of kaizen to the improvement manager (based on the location and improvement area)

innovation management software
innovation management software

Single location as well as corporate use

Stay on track with KPIs - whether you are responsible for one location, a region or the entire group. Use dashboards to view important statistics, both financial and non-financial. ROI, kaizen areas, use of kaizen budget... - anything that's relevant for you. Informed managers make informed decisions!

total savings per kaizen (expected vs. reality)

savings per selected time period

cost & benefits per kaizen

number of ideas vs. implemented kaizens

performance statistics per locations & improvement areas

contributor activity (kaizen heroes)

trending kaizens (savings, non-financial benefits, user experience, no. of replications)

kaizen hero (awarded employees)

amount of money paid in rewards

improvement budget spent vs remaining

contributor activity (trend charts)

savings prediction

rejected & postponed ideas (with reasons)

Share & inspire

Need to present a success story to company owners or other departments? Your presentation is ready in a few seconds. Just select the data you want to include in your storyboard (before & after photos, ROI, author...) and export a pdf. Then just share and inspire!

auto-identification of best kaizens worth sharing

kaizen storyboard – detailed information about the kaizen (customizable details to be shared)

PDF presentation of kaizen story

public dashboard presenting best kaizens

innovation management software

Your brand & your processes. Your platform!

eKaizen works the way your organization works! The platform is fully customizable - from languages to workflows and forms. You can even have personalized public dashboards to promote successful projects and active employees. The best part? Anything that's shown publicly in your organization (such as the submission form) has your own branding to encourage the company spirit.

Other features

fixed reward per kaizen

reward based on real savings

kaizen hero dashboards

public dashboards to promote “kaizen spirit” in the company

training materials

promo materials

best practices to promote


Build a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

eKaizen is not just CI and innovation management software. It helps you promote the kaizen spirit in your company. Engage your employees and appreciate those who come up with the best ideas.

Show your people that they matter and improve your company culture together.
continuous improvement

Ready to make the most of the potential of your people?